Shortlands & Park Langley by-election

2nd May 2024

There will be a by-election in the Shortlands and Park Langley ward of Bromley Council on 2nd May. The vacancy has been caused by the resignation of Councillor Aisha Cuthbert. 

The Liberal Democrats have selected local resident Gita Bapat to be their candidate in the by-election.

Gita Bapat

A local champion for Shortlands and Park Langley

A Shortlands resident, Gita was born and raised in Bromley and, apart from stints in China at university and in Paris and Hong Kong as a trailing spouse, she has spent all of her life here.

Gita wants to make sure the Liberal Democrat values of equity, even-handedness and accountability find a voice in our current fractious environment. She will speak up for local residents, work hard for everyone in the ward, challenge the Conservatives to protect our local services, our parks, our High Streets and the character of our borough. And she will be a voice for those who struggle to be heard.

Gita is concerned about road safety - she will work hard for safer streets for all road users.
Gita will work with the local police to combat the rise in anti social behaviour in Shortlands and to ensure local crimes get a prompt response.
Gita is strongly committed to the protection of our environment, she feels we have a duty to future generations to minimise the damage we are doing to the world around us.
Gita wants to sure that local people in Shortlands have a real say in what happens in their community including full consultation about planning and development
Gita has been a vocal opponent recently of the Conservative Council's decision to sell off our publicly owned assets, including the Churchill Theatre site, the old Bishop's Palace and Community House.


Gita wants to hear your views about issues that matter in Shortlands and Park Langley- email her at

Gita Bapat

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