Open, Local Democracy

Bromley Council needs to do better at representing and speaking to Bromley residents. We believe democracy and representation is a process which continues beyond election day. We all have to live with the decisions made by the council

Decisions should be made with local residents in an open and transparent way. Out-of-touch Tory councillors have demonstrated the views of local residents aren't important to them: 

  • Ignoring concerns over unsafe streets.
  • Spin and no substance over their plans for green spaces and air quality
  • Slow response to the flammable cladding crisis and refusal to exempt these zero-value properties from council tax

The feet-dragging in making meetings available and accessible at the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic is a showcase of the councillors' priorities. The Lib Dem led Richmond council had public, virtual meetings up and running within a month of lockdown. Virtual meetings have since ended, making them less accessible to residents. 

Bromley Liberal Democrat stand up for local residents. We are on your side, we listen and we take action.