Safer streets

We're worried about road safety here in Bromley. Across our community we see unsafe junctions and a lack of safe crossing points on key routes across the borough, often reported by families on their way to schools

84% of residents have said they are worried about speeding and 59% of residents would walk or cycle more if they felt streets were safer. 

We want a council that proactively makes improvements, listening to local people and putting in the best solution - not just reacting after collisions have already happened.

We campaign for:

  • Streets that encourage walking and cycling. This will help improve air quality and tackle climate change. 
  • The roll-out of 20mph speed limits in line with many neighbouring boroughs. This will reduce fatal accidents and encourage people to seek alternative means of transport.
  • The use of School Streets scheme to ensure children can safely go to school. Families should be able to walk and cycle to school safely with clean air around them. 

Bromley Council is just not listening to communities when they highlight road safety issues. Waiting for someone to be seriously injured or killed to prove a road safety need is unacceptable. There are countless places across the borough where for years residents have asked for safe pedestrian crossings which have been ignored by Conservative-run Bromley Council.