Please help us with a donation

Please help us fund our activities in the Bromley Borough.   At the moment we're asking for help to fund our European Parliament Election campaign.   The Liberal Democrats are running in the EU Elections to stop Brexit. As the biggest Remain party, it's our job to lead this fight and win. And we need everyone to help. Every donation we receive will help us to pay for leaflets, social media adverts, direct mail and signs and banners for our street stalls.  

£10 would pay for 100 leaflets, £50 would pay for a video and advertising campaign on Facebook, £250 would pay for a leaflet to be delivered through every door in the ward.   

Please make a donation today, either by using the form below, or by posting a cheque to “Bromley Liberal Democrats” to us at 7 Station Road, Orpington, BR6 0RZ.  


Thank you.