Lib Dems’ Concerns for Crystal Palace Park

London’s iconic Crystal Palace Park is a special place for us all. Bromley Council has recently put forward proposals for redevelopment, including the building of new houses. We welcome the much needed investment in the park - suffering from years of neglect by the
Council. But we are unhappy that the plan - backed by Tory and Labour councillors - will build on open land, will cut down the amount of public green space and significantly increase traffic with nearly 600 event car parking spaces, all whilst building only 28 affordable homes for the area.

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LibDems Launch May Campaign

Lib Dem Leader Ed Davey has officially launched the Liberal Democrats' 2021 Local Elections campaign.The Liberal Democrats are fighting for a fairer, greener and more caring country where everyone has a chance to get on in life.

Delivering his launch speech he said: "By voting Liberal Democrats this May you will be telling this Conservative Government to cut taxes for small businesses and invest more to create a greener, cleaner neighbourhoods."

Liberal Democrats nationally have announced plans for a locally-led green transition, backed by £48bn pounds of investment. Leader Ed Davey has also called on the government to help struggling small businesses by slashing national insurance contributions (NICs) for small firms by quadrupling the employment allowance from £4,000 to £16,000. 

Liberal Democrats are champions of local communities across the country.   We are a strong, competent force in local government across the country with over 2500 councillors.  

“The question facing every voter at these local elections, in every community, across our country is this: do you want to keep hold of this precious rediscovery of our community? Liberal Democrats do. Because Liberal Democrats have always been about community. 

The Liberal Democrats have set out plans for a locally-led Green Transition, backed by forty-eight billion pounds of investment.

In addition we are proposing a Small Business Bailout, a package of measures to protect highstreet businesses and pubs which include lower business rates and National Insurance cuts.

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Luisa Porritt launches campaign to become next Mayor of London

London Liberal Democrats mayoral candidate Luisa Porritt has launched her campaign, setting out her vision to Take London Forward.   "Jobs. Homes. Clean Air.   Those are three basic needs - and we’re being let down on all three. My plan to Take London Forward will give Londoners what they need.  Our city has changed radically in the last year, and with big change comes big opportunity. "


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An End to PR ?

The Home Secretary has been busy recently.  Almost missed by mainstream media was the announcement that after this year mayoral and police and crime commissioner elections will be converted to first past the post.   The proposal is a blatant manipulation of the electoral system, for what she believes is the advantage of her party.   

Almost no elected representative in this country has the overwhelming support from the majority of the eligible electorate.  For example, in Bromley’s Council elections in 2018 the Conservative victor in Bromley Town achieved just 13% of the possible vote (with the Lib Dem candidate just 43 votes short of being elected).

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We can do better for those with Autism

At their Spring Conference the Liberal Democrats have called for amendments to the Equalities Act and Autism Act to allow everyone with autism to achieve their full potential. 

Liberal Democrats believe every individual should be able to achieve their potential - and that means doing far more to support the millions of autistic people living in the UK. 

Local Lib Dem member Rick Das has written movingly about how significant improvements need to be made to create a fairer society for his children:

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