Lib Dems: Restrictions on over 60+ Oyster card holders 'should be lifted'

Lib Dem London Assembly Member Caroline Pidgeon is pushing Mayor of London Sadiq Khan and TfL to remove temporary travel restrictions for older people now that COVID restrictions have been lifted.

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NHS & Social care - NI is a tax on the middle class and poor

National Insurance (NI) is a bogus tax. It is an income tax with a different name and unfairer terms. Increasing it to fund the NHS & social care is not right.

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Petition: Care Leavers in Bromley should be exempt from council tax

Bromley Liberal Democrats are calling on Bromley Council to exempt young Care Leavers from council tax, bringing Bromley in line with all neighbouring councils and giving much-needed help to those leaving care. In 2019, there were over 340 looked-after children in Bromley and 70 aged eighteen or older left care in 2020.

Care leavers do not have to pay council tax until they’re 25 if they live in any of the council areas bordering Bromley. Isn't it time Bromley offered the same help?

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Protecting our Green Spaces - Another Delay in Council Response

Bromley’s open spaces play an important part in our borough’s identity. They are sanctuaries for many and have been especially important to our communities during the Covid-19 pandemic. We deserve to know the plans for these spaces for the next ten years and know that they are safe.

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Countdown to COP26 - Green Recovery Plan

The 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP26) starts in Glasgow in less than three months.

To fight climate change and clean up our air, the UK needs to show true leadership, not the complacency shown by the Conservative Government.

Liberal Democrats have a plan for a green recovery, creating jobs and tackling the climate emergency.

These measures would be good for Bromley, the country and the planet.

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