85% of paper too wet to be recycled in January

About two-thirds of paper collected from Bromley residents for recycling is too wet to be recycled and is disposed of (i.e. incinerated) a Council officer announced at Bromley Council’s Environment Control meeting on 11th March.  In January 2021, a particularly wet month, 85% of paper collected was incinerated rather than recycled.  The cost to the environment can’t be quantified but is obviously alarming, the financial cost to the Council was £170,000. 

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The People Have Spoken, But The Council Aren't Listening

Respondents to an official council survey are ignored.

Conservative Bromley Council are known for being poor at consulting local people, but by ignoring the vast majority of consultation responses on a new traffic scheme in Beckenham they have again shown local residents just how irrelevant their views are.

Many traffic schemes installed across London to support walking and cycling have failed because they haven't taken onboard the views of local residents. Sadly, this is exactly what has happened in Beckenham.

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Brexit Deal and London's Financial Services : a Job Killer?

News that the UK’s exports to the EU fell by 40% in January is shocking but not surprising.  However, while this trend is likely to be partially reversed over the coming months, the impact on the financial services sector is likely to be permanent.  

The Tory Brexit deal is expected to cost the financial services sector £2 billion of GDP every single year in London alone, according to the widely respected Centre for Economics and Business Research (CEBR). That means fewer jobs. It means less money coming into Government coffers to pay for teachers, nurses, police officers. In short, it's bad for business and bad for the economy.

Has the Brexit deal benefited London's financial services sector in any way? No. There are exactly zero tangible benefits.

Future of banking: why retail banks have to go digital

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Laptops for children during lockdown

Many people worried about the impact of school closure on children without access to digital devices, concerned about the increasing gap in educational opportunity. The Conservative government reassured us that laptops would be distributed to those who needed them - but we're only now finding out the extent of that support and how local councils - and communities - stepped up to fill the gap. 



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Our Railways are Key If We Want a Greener Bromley

Railways in the UK are vital in connecting communities and provide a fast, green and high capacity alternative to the car. We must ensure our rail services in Bromley are protected and that timetables return to pre-pandemic levels.

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