Moped Crime

We have written to London Mayor Sadiq Khan and Bromley Council to alert them to the rise in moped crime in Clock House and urge them to take action to ensure the safety of residents.


Orpington Car Parking

Car parking prices at Orpington Station set to increase in the new year…/15781150.Here__39_s_how_muc…/

SHaW Academy - Westmoreland Road

We had an early Christmas present on 13 December when planning permission for the proposed school at Bromley South was REFUSED! Just to reiterate - we love the idea of the school, but it's in the worst possible place.   We've enjoyed the victory but now we need to get back to work to make sure all those Conservative councillors who voted against the plan start working hard finding an alternative site for the school before they let it slip out of their hands and their rejection is "conveniently" overturned on appeal.  

Further information on our stance on this school is included in our Focus leaflet from September last year.


Village Way Crossing Update

Thanks to the passion shown by residents, parents, head teachers and school children alike, Bromley Council have performed a U-turn and agreed to tests to re-assess road safety along Village Way.  Over the past few weeks, we have pressured the Council on how they intend to conduct those tests and have continued to make sure that they are aware of the strong public support for an improved crossing. It is certainly a step in the right direction that equipment has been installed to monitor speed levels on the junction with Whitmore Road and a commitment has been made to record pedestrian counts at peak times (rather than at off-peak times, as on previous occasions!). New green markings and a pole have also appeared, although the purpose of these remains unknown.

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News from Bromley Town

Happy to New Year to all our supporters.   2018 has started with a flurry of concern about the NHS reaching breaking point across the country, and locally with Bromley Council showing no signs of supporting the Mayor's rogue landlord database.   We're also keeping a close eye on some promises made by the Councillors before Christmas that we're determined not to let drop.


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