Our March Bromey in Focus leaflet is here!

Our latest Bromley in Focus leaflet will be coming through a letter box near you in the next week or so. Read it first here.


Chaos on Southeastern Trains during Snow in March

Sam Webber, one of our Council Candidates in Bromley Town, had the misfortune to experience first hand the chaos on trains stranded outside Lewisham station for nearly 5 hours on the evening of Thursday 2 March, when snow brought the rail system to an actual standstill.


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Housing crisis in Bromley

Housing in Bromley has reached crisis point.   Young families can't afford to buy, the average rental cost in Bromley is now over £1,200 per month, homelessness in Bromley has reached record levels.  We need a mix of people of all ages and income brackets to build a Bromley for the future, and we need to be sure there is a safety net for people when they need one. 

Apart from the cost of housing, many people are concerned about overdevelopment in certain areas where new buildings do not fit in with the rest of the town and come without services such as GPs, school places and parking spaces.  

It's a national problem that requires action on a big scale, but in Bromley there are solutions that your council can deliver.  If elected these are the solutions we will adopt.  


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Cycling in Bromley

Bromley Liberal Democrats welcome and endorse the aspirations of Bromley Cyclists for the future of cycling in our Borough.  The association have asked all candidates in the forthcoming local elections to endorse 8 key aims - we are pleased to do so as an organisation; and every one of the 60 Liberal Democrat candidates standing in the election also endorse these aims.  



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Road Safety in Beckenham

Beckenham has seen very little road safety improvements over the last 10 years.  Notorious rat-runs and speeding hotspots have been ignored; dangerous junctions have been ignored; treacherous crossing points have been ignored; calls from local people to improve road safety have been ignored. 

Last year over 1400 signed our petition for a crossing on Copers Cope Road by New Beckenham Station on route to Worsley Bridge School -  the Council installed an inadequate small refuge island and nothing has been done to deal with the prolific speeding along this road. We continue to campaign for a proper pedestrain crossing here and for speeding to be dealt with.

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