Working for a Safer Bromley

The three Bromley Town Lib Dem councillors attended a regular meeting of the Bromley Town Safer Bromley Panel on 12 July. It was a valuable meeting, good to see the representatives of the police being so closely involved in liaising with community representatives, and in general it was good to hear that while there are still issues, crime in Bromley remains relatively low.

One of the issues that caused concern to the meeting was the anti-social behaviour in South Street / East Street between 2 a.m. and 4 a.m. at weekends, causing disruption to people living nearby as well as damage to property. There will always be difficulties when living so near to clubs that are open late, but there are nonetheless expectations that club management will not allow crowds to gather in the street when the clubs have closed, and also that they will not serve drinks to people who are already clearly drunk, particularly young people. There are also issues about broken glass and generally fairly unpleasant waste left in the street, so the Lib Dem councillors have agreed to follow up with the Refuse Collection team to check on times the street is cleaned at weekends.

Burglary is at the lowest rate it has been for 2 years. But thefts from motor vehicles remain a problem, and there have been several nasty incidents of catalytic converter theft involving violence.  We spoke to residents in Gundulph Road recently who have had two particularly nasty attacks, and having raised this with the local police we were pleased to see an increase in foot patrols in the area.

The police to urge owners to fit their vehicles with locks or guards on catalytic converters, which can increase the time it takes to remove one. Marking catalytic converters with forensic markers such as smart water also makes it easier for thieves to be caught.The police are planning a catalytic converter marking event in Waitrose car park soon - watch this space, we'll let you know when. While it doesn't stop your car being attacked it does reduce the value of the parts and should deter hieves if they find a high proportion of cars with marked parts.

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