Wet Paper Not Recycled

450 tonnes of paper and cardboard waste was rejected in 9 months because it was too wet.  Instead it was disposed of with household rubbish.   This rather startling news was revealed during Bromley Council's Environment Committee meeting on 14th Jan.    

"This is disappointing news for Bromley residents who take the trouble to separate their waste to maximise recycling opportunities", said Lib Dem Campaigner Sam Webber.  "Bromley Council no longer supply paper recycling bins with lids so it's not surprising that local residents may assume that there was no problem with the paper getting wet".    

"We haven't seen any notice about the problem in the Environment newsletters that are distributed borough wide, or on the council website. At the very least residents should be asked to keep paper as dry as possible. Even just printing a request to "Keep Dry" on the side of the bins (in addition to the Bromley logo) would be a start."

Bromley Lib Dems have written to the Council to ask for further information about supplying containers with lids, amongst other ideas, and about updating the Council website with an appeal to residents.   We have also asked for data about contamination of other recycled items in case there are problems that are worth highlighting. 

We'll issue an update as soon as we get a response.

Sam Webber

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