West Wickham Misery Continues

Everyone moans when roadworks start but we put up with the inconvenience as it should yield a long term improvement. However, West Wickham-ites are losing patience.  And most are confused - and worried - about how exactly cyclists and pedestrians are going to safely share the pavement once the work is complete.  

Work on the £300,000 improvement scheme at the Station Road/Red Lodge Lane traffic lights started on 8 February. Due to finish on 14 July that deadline has passed.  Residents have suffered lengthy delays on all roads approaching the crossing, even a few days of full road closure, pavements have been dug up, reshaped, laid with red bricks, dug up again, covered in tarmac, bus stops have been made inaccessible, and pavements which are meant to be wider for "shared use" with cyclists seem somehow to be narrower and are covered in inexplicable swirling tarmac strips that are meant to indicate...what? Cyclists, pedestrians and motorists have had enough.


Bromley Council tell us we'll be pleased with the results when it's finally finished.   Although no one is saying exactly when that will be.  Here's hoping it's not another repeat of Bromley High Street where new similarly swirling paving seems to be dug up every other week!

A local resident has set up a petition about the road works - if you're interested in signing it the link is here.  

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