Welcome Changes to Cycling and Walking

Bromley Council issued a report on Thursday announcing bids they may make for funding for social distancing measures in town centres and around schools, and temporary improvements to make active travel safer.  If the council secures funding for these proposals it will mean significant and welcome changes across the borough particularly in respect of safer journeys for pedestrians and cyclists. 

Bromley Lib Dems welcome all of the proposals in this document and hope the Council committee considering the report will agree.  We’ve long been advocates of safer routes to school and active travel improvements.   However, there are some omissions that we felt should be included and we have written to the council with a list - you can read our letter here.  

Our proposals are wide-ranging and include

  • pedestrian crossings on Copers Cope Rd by New Beckenham Station (Copers Cope Ward), Brackley Road for the school ( Copers Cope Ward), South Eden Park Road (Kelsey & Eden Park Ward), Eden Park Road (Kelsey & Eden Park Ward).  
  • adding a pedestrian phase to lights at Wickham Road/Bromley Road (Copers Cope Ward), Westmoreland Road/Pickhurst Lane (West Wickham Ward),  War Memorial Junction (Chislehurst Ward)
  • speed limitations on key residential roads that are known speeding hot spots and those have seen a significant increase in rat-running during the lockdown
  • resolve issues with narrow pedestrian paths at Murray Avenue/Wendover Road (Bromley Town Ward), Westgate Road Bridge (Copers Cope Ward), South Eden Park Road (Kelsey and Eden Park Ward) 
  • school streets at Nightingale Lane (Bickley Ward), Mead Road (Chislehurst Ward)
  • improve cycling facilities in Chislehurst by changing parking arrangements and creating a cycle path, make a physical separation between cycles and cars in Clock House, look at safer cycling on Sevenoaks Road, Orpington, ask why the segregated cycle route on the A21 stops at the Bromley border
  • social distancing - there are many detailed recommendations within the council document which we agree with although have highlighted some omissions.

You can read the full council report here.   The Bromley Council committee meets to discuss this at 1 p.m. on Monday (8 June) and the meeting will be broadcast live.