Welcome to Bromley Liberal Democrats. As a new member of the Liberal Democrats who lives in the borough of Bromley you automatically become a member of the Bromley Borough Liberal Democrats. It's great to have you joining us at this crucial time when nationally we are united in our priority to fight against Brexit - to find an "exit from Brexit"  - while locally we are determined to challenge the complacency of our Tory dominated Borough Council. There are many ways you can help and these pages are designed to guide you in your early days. 

You've joined at a vital time - we're celebrating our success in the European elections but focusing our efforts on how to STOP BREXIT.   Locally we may face a general election and/or a referendum in the next few months and we need to make sure we're ready to face those challenges.   Longer term we have the elections for the London Mayor and London Assembly in May 2020 and there is a lot of work to be done to ensure our policies for London are relevant to and heard in Bromley.   

There are events happening across the borough all the time, many are social events (often fund raisers), some involve discussion and decision making about our policy locally, and others are to do with various administrative duties involved in running a local party.   You'll get regular newsletters telling you about these events.

Please let us know if you'd like to join in any of the events on the newsletters. In addition you'll soon get a phone call from one of the Executive to say hello and find out how you might want to get involved with the party locally. We want to make sure you feel welcome and help you to discover how best to help our cause and shape the future of our party. We do sometimes have trouble getting through to new members on the phone - like all of us you're probably reluctant to answer phone calls from unknown numbers - so if you don't hear from us do try giving us a call on the numbers shown below.

By way of background, we cover the three Westminster constituencies of Orpington, Bromley and, Beckenham plus the Crystal Palace/Penge wards of Lewisham West. This is a large area, so we move meetings around the Borough and arrange activity at a more local level to make participation easier. Our HQ is at 7 Station Road Orpington (opposite Tescos) and you are also able to join the Orpington Liberal Club for a small membership fee (see www.orpingtonliberalclub.co.uk).

Details of our Facebook pages, Instagram and Twitter accounts are given at the bottom of this page as well as contact details for local officers. This website includes a members' area for agendas, minutes, policy papers and a diary of events. Please help our social media presence by liking and following our Facebook and Twitter pages; there is also a closed Facebook group that we use to discuss policy issues between ourselves, let us know if you'd like to join this group.

Campaigning in the community is centred on local groups. We have four groups covering Beckenham, Penge, Bromley and Chislehurst, and Orpington. Local organisers' details are shown below.  

The Bromley Borough party is co-ordinated by the Executive who meet every other month and all members are entitled and encouraged to attend these meetings. Participation is welcomed although voting is restricted to elected members. The Executive is appointed by an Annual General Meeting of the membership every November.

So welcome to your local Liberal Democrats - we have urgent and enormous tasks before us - do feel free to contact the officers at any time with ideas to make us more effective

How you can help - use this link to tell us about yourself and how you might be able to help.  

Communication and Contacts

Local contacts:

Beckenham and Penge: Rich Wilsher - 07734 202638 - rcwilsher@gmail.com

Bromley & Chislehurst: Julie Ireland - 07899 898646 - julie@julieireland.co.uk

Orpington: Allan Tweddle - a.tweddle1@icloud.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/BromleyLibDems/

Twitter: #BromleyLibDems

Instagram: www.instagram.com/BromleyLibDems

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