We deserve better than FPTP

Created in the 1800s when the electoral choice was between the aristocratic Tories and Whigs and women were denied the right to vote, first past the post (FPTP) is structurally undemocratic. It means millions of votes do not matter, millions of votes are wasted, both “safe seats” and tactical voting are commonplace, and seats won in Westminster often bear little relationship to votes cast.

In local elections, we see similar issues. In 2018, The Conservative Party gained a disproportionate 88% of seats in Bromley, with only 44% of the popular vote. 

It is time for proportional representation (PR). More than 80 nations around the world already elect their legislatures this way, including in Scotland, in Wales and in the Republic of Ireland. Northern Ireland and Scotland both elect their councillors by proportional representation. Why? Because it is far fairer and proportional.

We've asked Bromley Council to move on from First Past the Post, end minority rule, and support the introduction of a form of proportional representation for general elections and local elections in which all votes count equally and seats match votes. 


See our full letter to Bromley Council here.

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