Virtual Visit by Layla Moran MP

We were delighted to have Layla Moran, Lib Dem MP for Oxford West & Abingdon, visit us for a Q&A and a chat Tuesday evening… by the wonder of Zoom…

Layla spoke about her vision for the Party to be the central party of freedom, open tolerance & civil liberties with moral values & compassion and to not accept a divided Britain.

We talked about the Cummings Crisis, the need to hold the government to account over matters such as PPE and the confusion over some children returning to school at the beginning of June.  Layla is of course our spokesperson on Education.

She acknowledged the mistakes made at the General Election & stressed that we must listen to what the voters want and build the Party back up from grass roots level by being strong on local issues. 

Chloe Jane Ross asked about our lack of media coverage and Layla agreed that it is was hard with only 11 MPs and that the Party needs more of a brand going forward so the electorate know what we stand for.  We must show we are strong on public services, the economy, education and the environment.

As Membership Officer I asked about Membership retention at this difficult time and Stuart Benefield, our Diversity Officer, asked how we can attract a more diverse membership.  Layla agreed that it is important that we reach out to younger, more diverse sections of the community from varying social backgrounds.

Layla spoke eloquently and with confidence - she is a front runner in the leadership election this summer and was extremely approachable and likeable - she held everyone's attention and we were really pleased that she came to meet us on Zoom.  Hopefully she will come down and meet us again soon….. in person.

NOW…… don't forget that you can meet another leadership contender as Ed Davey joins us by Zoom on Wednesday 10th June at 6.30 p.m. - please RSVP for that here.  



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