Village Way Crossing

Beckenham Lib Dems are campaigning with families for a safe crossing on Village Way.




Village Way is a long straight road with unrestricted parking on both sides. The only pedestrian refuges are at the junctions with the High Street and with Stone Park Avenue, with over half a mile of fast flowing traffic between them. The cut-through opposite Whitmore Road is the main pedestrian route from west Beckenham to the Harris Primary and Secondary Academies on Manor Way. At busy times of day, parents, grandparents, childminders and families with young toddlers, and school-children of all ages, are crossing this busy road to get to school. The children and their parents do not feel safe, and are not safe. We demand that the Council urgently implement a safe crossing on Village Way near Whitmore Road before there is a serious accident. Show your support below.

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