Unicorn and Langley Schools Road Safety Petition

Making it safe and easy for children and parents to walk to school benefits us all.  To make this happen families need safe routes - proper pavements and secure crossing points. 

Parents and children walking to Unicorn and Langley schools face a treacherous journey if they use South Eden Park Road – relying on parked cars to slow traffic, and drivers to stop and give way.  The opening of the new Langley Primary and expansion of Unicorn School has made things worse.

South Eden Park Road, a fast road with a narrow pavement on only one side for most of its length now serves four schools.  Yet very little has been done to respond to the increase in children using these schools to make the road safer for families walking to school.   See our video here



Safer to School | Safer for All

We call for an immediate review of pedestrian and road safety in the area, including:

  • Safe pedestrian crossing points on South Eden Park Road including safe paths to bus stops.
  • Weather-proof path linking Eden Park Avenue and the exit from the Harvington playing fields to Unicorn crossing patrol (already promised by the council but subsequently withdrawn)
  • Regular maintenance of overgrowth, trees and hedgerows to maximise pavement width.
  • Considering traffic calming measures to reduce traffic speed (not speed bumps). 

Show your support below for a safer route to school for Unicorn and Langley families.

Safer to School | Safer for All

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