ULEZ Expansion - Impact on Bromley

Bromley Lib Dems broadly welcome the news that the London Mayor has opened consultations about extending the ULEZ zone to all of London, but we're anxious to know about support for businesses, people with disabilities, people on low incomes and the necessary improvements in public transport that will be required if the scheme is to have real benefits to the whole population. 

The Mayor of London has announced that Transport for London is consulting on expanding the Ultra Low Emission Zone to cover the whole of greater London. He assures us that the move would be supported by an expanded scrappage scheme to encourage people to get rid of their older, polluting vehicles and look for other options such as public transport or car clubs. 

Here in Bromley we're very conscious of the impact of poor air quality. According to research from Imperial College, Bromley suffers the highest number deaths attributable to air pollution in the whole of London, mainly due to the higher proportion of elderly people who are more vulnerable to air pollution. Whilst the outer Boroughs of London have lower levels of air pollution compared to inner Boroughs, it is still a significant problem. 

However, South East London suffers particularly from poor public transport links - many of the train services cut during the pandemic have not been reinstated and others are at risk.  The ULEZ extension must go hand in hand with improving public transport in outer London. We have an ambitious plan for improving links between key locations in our borough, including introducing trams, reinstating train services and improving links between key utilities such as hospitals, parks and high streets, and between local communities.

As part of our campaign to improve air quality in Bromley, we've set up our own network of air quality monitors providing live data - we currently have 22 across Bromley, compared to Conservative led Bromley Council which has just one.  You can read more about our campaign here

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