We stand with Ukraine

As Liberal Democrats we believe in internationalism, in democracy, and the right of people to live without fear. 

The Ukrainian President's party in Ukraine is a sister party to the Liberal Democrats. An attack on them is an attack on everything we believe too. We stand with the people of Ukraine.

The taint of Russian money in our Conservative Government has pushed our allies away from us, but we must not let this stop us working closely with European and international partners. Fierce and appropriate sanctions need to be imposed and the Conservative Government cannot avoid that these sanctions will need to include those previously close to them.

The UK's first first priority must be to help the Ukrainian people. 

Britain must restore its aid budgets and put as much humanitarian support to Ukraine as we can.

We must welcome Ukrainian refugees - especially the LGBT+ people, activists and journalists who are at dire risk of persecution under Putin.

Liberal Democrat MPs and Peers will do everything in their power to guide our Government to live up to the liberal values that Britain has at its best.

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