23 storey residential block on Sherman Road Bromley

The planning application for a new 23 storey residential block on Sherman Road was due to be heard on 24th July but the meeting was cancelled - it has now been rescheduled for 11 September.  It seems likely that the plan will be rejected because of the weight of objections from the local population and from many councillors.   We also object to the scale and style of the building, and agree that 23 storeys is just too tall for this area and the neighbouring conservation zone.  



The block - developed by BeLiving - is intended to be rental only, targetted at professional people attracted by the good transport links and some of the high level services included in the rental plan (e.g. gym, high speed broadband, etc)  It will comprise 214 apartments, with commercial units on the ground and first floor.  Only two car parking spaces will be provided - for the use of the commercial units - because the developers believe residents are unlikely to own cars.  20% of the apartments will meet the definition of "affordable housing" but the details of what discount these units will attract is still unclear.  

We recognise the need for new housing in Bromley, and this site is ripe for redevelopment.   But the scale and style of this development is wrong - it's just not appropriate for this area and would be added pressure on already over stretched local services.   We do expect the planning application to be rejected - if you would like to lodge your comments with Bromley Council. you can review and comment on the plans at this link below using reference 17/05790/FULL1 or email planning@bromley.gov.uk quoting the same reference.

However, it is likely that the developers will appeal against any refusal of planning permission to the National Planning Inspector - given that Bromley Council's own local plan has this area earmarked for a tall building we fear they may be successful.   We would urge Bromley Councillors to work with the developers to see if alternatives that are more suitable for this area can be found.

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