The traffic on Seymour Villas and Selby Road has reached dangerous levels. It's time to do something about it

Local Lib Dem resident Mark Jones is calling on Bromley Council to address the serious traffic issues on Seymour Villas and Selby Road. 

The problem

Speeding cars use Seymour Villa and Selby Road as a cut through between Anerley Hill and Croydon Road. This increases dangers for local residents, especially children.

Road rage incidents are being caused by congestion. There have been two serious incidents in recent weeks, one in which a driver was stabbed, and another in which a local couple were threatened and spat at.

Noise and fumes from beeping and standing vehicles are creating unnecessary pollution.

Damage caused to residents' parked cars by heavy traffic use of these residential streets.



Action proposed

We, the undersigned, call on Bromley Council to;

A. Introduce speed cameras.

B. Restrict turning from Anerley Hill into Seymour Villas.

Further, we urge the Council to conduct a consultation with local residents as to the feasibility and demand of introducing parking permits.

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