Road Safety - Our policies

Safer to School | Safer for All.

By making our roads safer for the journey to school we can make them safer for all.

Lib Dems believe that every child has the right to walk or cycle to school safely. 

In the Bromley Borough we've worked with local parents on our Safer to School policy since 2017.  

We want

  • Appropriate traffic calming measures, including 20mph zones, near all our schools and in other accident blackspots and rat-runs.
  • Safe crossing places on all main walking routes to schools.
  • Due weight given to local people’s concerns about road safety, including their experiences and testimonials of accidents and near-misses.

 We would

  • Undertake an assessment of road safety around all schools.
  • Utilise all available Transport for London funding schemes to improve road safety.
  • Make dealing with road safety and traffic issues across the borough a higher priority

Parents have spoken about their worries for the safety of their children, many have asked the council for help, but councillors seem unable or unwilling to act unless someone is killed or seriously injured.  

Beckenham, Bromley and Orpington may have Kent postcodes, but like other parts of the borough traffic problems are inner-London. Many roads are notorious for speeding, rat-running and lack of safe crossings. The school-run is especially problematic on residential roads. Families who walk to school are concerned about the lack of safe crossings on route, but some routes are so dangerous families choose to drive, which of course adds to the congestion. And the Council have proved resistant to the pleas for change from local residents - pedestrians, cyclists and drivers alike.