Safer to school|Safer for All

Beckenham and Bromley Liberal Democrats are running a road safety campaign Safer to School | Safer for All. By making our roads safer for the journey to school we can make them safer for all.

Beckenham and Bromley may have Kent postcodes, but like other parts of the borough traffic problems are inner-London. Many roads are notorious for speeding, rat-running and lack of safe crossings. The school-run is especially problematic on residential roads. Families who walk to school are concerned about the lack of safe crossings on route, but some routes are so dangerous families choose to drive, which of course adds to the congestion. And the Council have proved resistant to the pleas for change from local residents - pedestrians, cyclists and drivers alike.


We are already seeing some success in our campaigns.   We backed the resident-led campaign for a crossing on Village Way Beckenham and after months of saying that no such crossing was necessary or desirable, the Conservative Councillors finally agreed and a crossing has been installed - albeit not exactly what we all wanted - you can see an update here.  We have collected thousands of signatures for safer pedestrian crossings throughout Beckenham - you can see details about our campaigns here.  

Safer to School Safer for AllMany London councils have already invested in innovative road safety schemes to make our streets safer and more liveable. Bromley is lagging behind with out-of-date traffic policies that rely on KSI (Killed or Seriously Injured) statistics before implementing road safety schemes.

This is completely unacceptable and local people have had enough. We want Bromley Council to listen to residents’ testimonials on near misses and lucky escapes - before someone is killed or seriously injured.      

We ask all local citizens who are concerned about road safety to sign the Safer to School | Safer for All Pledge, calling for:

  • Traffic calming measures and safe crossing places on school routes.
  • Prompt action to deal with road safety and traffic issues, on residential as well as main roads.
  • A common sense Road Safety policy that listens to local people. 

Together we can influence change and make our streets safer and more liveable for all.

Sign the Pledge

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