Parents demand safe crossing on Village Way

A safe crossing is urgently needed on Village Way (in central Beckenham) by the cut through to Kelsey Way for the Harris Schools. The junction of Village Way and Whitmore Road is a busy route for local children, parents, grandparents and childminders on their way to Harris Primary and Harris Secondary School on Manor Way.



There is currently no safe place to cross Village Way by the cut through to Harris Schools, not even a refuge.

Local children told us they wait on the side of the road until they’re in a big enough group before attempting to cross to get to school, some running across worried a car will hit them - they know it’s too dangerous to cross alone.

A mum told us how she leaves her primary kids on the pavement and edges forward with her buggy between the parked cars, waiting for a gap in the fast flowing traffic big enough to get her family across.

Aggravated and concerned local people told us that Bromley Council have been ignoring requests for improved road safety for 7 years.

This is not good enough. Our children deserve a safe route to school. No safe crossing is not an option. Action is needed before a tragedy occurs.

We are campaigning with local families for a safe crossing, sign the petition here.

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