Revoke or People's Vote?

Do the Liberal Democrats support revoking Article 50 or a People's Vote?

As all the evidence shows that remaining in the EU is best for all our futures, we support any route that helps achieve that.

Within days of the 2016 referendum, we were the first party to call for a public vote on any deal that was reached. And for last 3 years we’ve worked tirelessly to achieve this, both in Parliament and outside, joining the People's Vote marches through London.

Why? Because the British people deserve to decide whether or not to proceed with Johnson’s Withdrawal Deal - a deal which bears hardly any resemblance to what was promised to us during the 2016 referendum campaign.

A vote on the deal is the clearest way of deciding our futures. Again and again we asked for one, and again and again Labour and the Conservatives refused to back us.

A People’s Vote is the most effective and efficient way to resolve this crisis, far more so than a General Election. But here we are, the Conservatives and Labour pushing an unwanted election.

When a party wins a General Election, it is given a clear democratic instruction to carry out its manifesto pledges. That is the very essence of democracy. If we win this General Election, we would revoke Article 50 on day one and get on with building a brighter future for Britain. But we will only do this if we win a majority. We will only do this if that is what the British people vote for.

If we are not the majority party, our MPs will continue to push for a People’s Vote as they always have done. We will unequivocally campaign to remain in the EU.

Demand Better for Britain.

Vote Liberal Democrats on 12th December.

People's Vote March