Preserving Open Spaces


The Covid-19 pandemic has taught us the personal value of our local green areas and connecting with nature. Many of us are not privileged enough to have a garden and shared spaces such as parks, greens and recreation grounds have been even more crucial in recent years. We believe these need to be protected.

The Tory-led council is currently looking to identify open spaces for "reassignment" and "disposal". Our response to Bromley Council's vague and worrisome open spaces strategy can be found here. The council has a hand-waving commitment to protect the environment, which never ceases to surprise us. 

Both Tory and Labour councillors have signalled approval for redeveloping parts of Crystal Palace Park. These plans would eat into green space and increase congestion: all while providing fewer than thirty "affordable" homes (out of 210 to be built). See more on our housing and planning policies

We will:

  • Push for a regeneration of public spaces. This includes: protecting existing spaces, promoting natural corridors, and allowing open green spaces to be used for recreational purposes. Examples include outdoor gyms, play areas and sporting facilities which need to become more commonplace and accessible. 
  • Resist the encroachment of housing in our green spaces. 
  • Increase the planting of trees to tackle air pollution
  • Ensure public spaces remain open to all by being accessible, consulting with local disability groups.

Bromley Lib Dems are committed to preserving our green spaces and making Bromley cleaner, greener and fairer. Voting for a liberal voice on the council will  help fight for these vital spaces. 

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