Housing & Planning


The Tory-led Bromley Council and national government have shown a lack of commitment to housing policy that works for local people. We need the right housing in the right place, and we need to give residents the right to question and challenge plans. Concerns we have include:

  • Multiple plans to build high-rise buildings throughout Bromley centre, including a plan to build 410 flats with little thought about the impact on local resources.  
  • Tory and Labour backed plans for largely unaffordable housing- and a car park- to encroach on green space around Crystal Palace Park. 
  • Feet-dragging on flammable building cladding including Northpoint, including the council refusing to exempt dangerous and unsellable homes from council tax. 

There is a delicate balance between ensuring green spaces are protected, affordable housing is made available and ensuring local resources can cope with changes in the area. But in the hands of the Tories, this balance is irrelevant.

The Liberal Democrats will:

  1. Convert the increasing vacant spaces such as empty offices to housing where resources allow.
  2. Resist national changes in planning policy, creating a "build-where-you-want" charter, ripping away the right for local people to oppose developments. 
  3. Review the plans for 1000 new flats in the Walnuts Centre in Orpington with no thought about the impact on local services.  
  4. Ensure a real end to homelessness: a roof over your head is a right, and achievable using existing models such as Housing First 
  5. Push for homes to be safe: for example with support for those affected by cladding crisis. 

Living Bromley Borough should mean living in an area with transparent decision making, where your voice is important when changes are happening. 
Voting for Bromley Liberal Democrats will allow a balanced and pragmatic approach to these issues. 

Let us know by e-mail if you wish to be involved in our Housing Policy Group:
[email protected] 

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