Our Railways are Key If We Want a Greener Bromley

Railways in the UK are vital in connecting communities and provide a fast, green and high capacity alternative to the car. We must ensure our rail services in Bromley are protected and that timetables return to pre-pandemic levels.

The Covid-19 pandemic has had a great impact on how we as a community travel. Due to the increase in working from home, there has been a reduction in use of public transport, especially trains. Bromley unlike other London Boroughs has a unique situation where the majority of our stations fall under National Rail rather than TfL.

In response to the pandemic Southeastern have reduced or suspended services around Bromley. This includes: the Beckenham Junction to Blackfriars peak service no longer running; no off peak or evening services running from Hayes through to Charring Cross; and a reduction of the Bromley North to Grove Park shuttle to two trains per hour.

Whilst we understand that this is due to the current low demand and use of public transport, this is only temporary. Bromley Liberal Democrats want rail companies to ensure that services are put back to their pre-pandemic levels once restrictions come to an end.

Railways are vital in reducing the number of cars on our roads and are a way forward to creating a greener and cleaner Bromley. With a recent study by Imperial College showed that Bromley had one of the highest number of deaths due to air pollution in the capital, now more than ever, we believe investing in our railways is vital.

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