Our Programme for Bromley

Bromley Liberal Democrats want to make Bromley a fairer, greener and more caring place to live.

Like the whole country residents in Bromley are worried about issues that affect us all including

  • the unprecedented increase in the cost of living,
  • the deterioration of our health service,
  • the damage we're doing to the environment and
  • concern about standards in public life.

And there are issues specific to Bromley, such as

  • concerns about high rise developments in our town centres,
  • lack of affordable homes suitable for Bromley families,
  • unsafe roads that deter people from walking and cycling,
  • broken pavements and lack of public toilets that make some areas inaccessible for many residents, poor public transport,
  • the cleanliness of the streets and broken paving stones that make our neighbourhoods look neglected, and
  • the difficulty in contacting Bromley Council to get help when it's needed. 

We're ambitious for Bromley and these are some of the issues we intend to tackle if we're elected.  

Air Qualitymonitoring is vital to identify problem areas and make tailored solutions to reduce pollution. Bromley Council has just one air quality monitor in the whole Borough with live data. Bromley Lib Dems have built our own network of 19 monitors across the borough - you can see live data at www.freshairbromley.org.uk.

Safer Roadswe want to see streets that encourage walking and cycling. If people feel more inclined to walk or cycle it will lead to less congestion and a better healthier environment. We've backed the London Cycling Campaign's local election ask.

Open Spaces - we love our open spaces, they're integral to our identity as a green borough - but they're at risk from under investment, lack of maintenance and commercial partnerships that don't put the community's needs first.

Height Limit for High Rises

  • In Bromley over two thirds of residents are opposed to the Council’s plans to build massive tower blocks opposite the Churchill Theatre - bringing in 1200 new residents with no increase in services and irreparable damage to Library Gardens. Across the borough there are plans for buildings in our town centres that are out of keeping with the surrounding area.
  • In Orpington a major redevelopment of the Walnuts centre including 19 storeys of flats and a halving of the popular swimming pool.

Across the borough there are plans for buildings in our town centres that are out of keeping with the surrounding area. Bromley Lib Dems want to see a limit on the height of new developments. We want a focus on real affordable homes for local residents and families, and a reinvigorated High Street with improved services for new and existing residents. 

Public TransportWe need a transport infrastructure that works for everyone: those who work locally and those who commute. We must ensure the borough works for drivers, cyclists, public transport users and pedestrians. We want to see a plan for public transport with a long term aim to create good quality public transport for all which is run from 100% renewable sources.   

EV ChargingBromley have fallen behind the other London boroughs with their roll out of electric vehicle charging points. Bromley Lib Dems strongly support efforts to increase the number of EV charging points in Bromley – this will make it easier for Bromley residents to make the decision to switch to EV transport and improve the air quality locally.

Environment - as one of the least urban boroughs, Bromley has a special duty to preserve our environment. Bromley should be developed and move forward in a way that puts the environment first. Bromley Council prides itself on its green credentials but there are major shortfalls including non-green transport, failures with recycling and worrying levels of air pollution. The council's promise to achieve net zero by 2027 is simply too limited - it only covers 3% of their emissions.

Waldo Road Recycling CentreResidents near the Waldo Road Recycling Centre are suffering from increased traffic congestion, air pollution and the smell of rotting rubbish. 78% of residents surveyed said the traffic had got worse in the last two years and the number of complaints about the smell to the Environment Agency is 6 times higher than in any of the previous 4 years. The bottom line is that the site is not being well managed and local residents are paying the price.   

Beckenham to BlackfriarsTrainsThe only urban rail service to be completely cancelled during COVID. We're leading the community campaign to get it reinstated. We've had two meetings with Southeastern and have delivered a 2000+ signature petition to save it.

Open Democracy - we are committed to making meetings of Bromley Council and committees more accessible, including live cast and recordings. Meetings are already available to be viewed online by council staff and absent councillors, it is completely unacceptable that this is not made available to the public they represent.


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