Meet the Candidates

Here are the details of the Liberal Democrat Candidates for the Local Election on 3rd May 2018


David Martin David Martin David Martin has been an active campaigner with the Liberal Democrats for several years and was a full-time elected officer of his students' union while at university. Although having only recently moved to Bromley, David has been committed to improving the local community and is disappointed with the lack of forward-planning and the services currently provided by Bromley council. He has been full supporter and advocate of campaigns to provide desperately needed new school places. As a member of the Young Liberals, David is also passionate about policies that will make London and Bromley more affordable and liveable for young people. David currently works full-time in the public transport sector and believes there is a lot more to be done to connect Bromley with the rest of London through extending Tramlink and the London Underground.

Dave Wilkinson

Dave Wilkinson

Dave Wilkinson grew up in the borough and has lived in the local area with his partner and son for the past six years. He currently works in London in financial services.

Dave only became a member of the Lib Dems about a year ago but has always voted for the party throughout his adult life. He wants to be a councillor for Bickley because he believes that Bromley council is currently failing in some of its core duties and responsibilities to residents. As seen with the farcical way it has dealt with the pressing need to increase school places, and the worrying trend Bromley council seem to be following of massively increasing the number of homes in some areas without ensuring the local infrastructure is able to cope with the extra demands that will be put on it. 

Helen Corbett

Helen Corbett Helen Corbett is a self-employed entrepreneur with a degree in Development Economics from SOAS. She runs her successful photography business alongside her fiancé, Matthew, from their home in Bromley. Helen became involved in the Bromley Liberal Democrats and their work with the local community when she joined the party during the referendum campaign. Helen’s commitment to improving Bromley has seen her actively campaign on behalf of Bromley residents on a range of issues as well as successfully managing the increasing online presence of the Bromley Liberal Democrats.  

Biggin Hill


Graeme Casey


Geoff Gosst


Bromley Common and Keston

Christopher Bentley


Clive Broadhurst

Clive Broadhurst

Clive was brought up and educated in Orpington, joining the Young Liberals aged 18.

Then in his twenties he moved to Chelsfield with my wife and children, where he lived for many years, running our own business. Six years ago following retirement we moved to Chatterton Village.

Should I be elected I would hope to bring some new ideas and positive opposition to the council.


Alan Carter


Bromley Town

Julie Ireland


Rhian Kanat


Sam Webber


Chelsfield & Pratts Bottom

Gerda Loosemore-Reppon    
Jonathan Webber    
John Bray    


Ian Magrath    
Simon Lewis    
Robert Cliff    

Clock House

Adam Bambrough    
Juliet Corbett    
Mike Jones    

Copers Cope

Chloe-Jane Ross    
Alison Davis    
Rich Wilsher    

Cray Valley East

Caitlin Bishop    
Martin Cooper    
Rhianna Wilsher    

Cray Valley West

Katherine Barker    
Magdalena Williams    
Peter Scott Brooks    

Crystal Palace

Dave Marshall    
Stephen Breban    


Millicent Scott Brooks    

Farnborough and Crofton

Allan Tweddle    
Ian Catchpole    
Olly Loosemore    

Hayes and Coney Hill

Tudor Griffiths    
Ellen Griffiths    
Michael Fox    

Kelsey and Eden Park

Taylor Matthews Taylor Matthews

Taylor is twenty-two years old and has lived in Bromley borough his entire life, as well as having lived in Kelsey and Eden park ward for fifteen years. Currently, he is studying for a Master’s degree in legal and political theory at University College London, and before that he studied German and politics. In between studying, he works locally part-time and helped set up and run a podcast about politics, news and current affairs.

Hayley Anderson    
Robert Jackson    

Mottingham and Chislehurst North

Vicki Webber    
John Houghton   John moved to Chislehurst in 1972 with his late wife and eldest son and had 3 more boys including twins. The four boys all went through Bromley schools, I was a school governor at Dorset Road and Mottingham schools then at Kemnal Manor where I was also involved with Parent Staff Association
Both my wife and I worked in the Borough for a considerable number of years before retirement


Michael Hall    
Reinhard Paul Rometsch    
Elaine Mackay    

Penge and Cator

Phillip Storry    
Jonathan Douglas-Green    
Marguerite Henry-Pierre   Marguerite was born and has lived and worked in and around London for most of her life. She has been working as a Management Accountant for most of her working life, but has experience of a variety of jobs from Barmaid to Zoo keeper for short periods at a time, providing variety and insight into other occupations. She has travelled in southern Europe, East, North and West Africa and India over the years and is looking forward to travelling more in the future.

She enjoys all the usual suspects as far as spare time is concerned, reading, music, theatre, cinema crosswords, codewords, socialising and holidays.

Petts Wood and Knoll

Michael Berridge    
John Loosemore    
Lesley Astier    

Plaistow and Sundridge

Peter Furniss    
Lesley Furniss    
Dominic Alessio    


Ilona C Navarro-Weitzel    
Richard Corbett    

West Wickham

James Spencer Boyce    
Nigel People    
Stephen Wells