Orpington Needs More Air Quality Monitoring

Orpington Lib Dems are campaigning for better monitoring of pollution levels around Orpington. Good air quality is vital to for good health of residents, allow everyone to enjoy the outside more and have a cleaner place to live.

Bromley Council has only one air quality monitor with live data in the entire borough and which is located on Harwood Avenue, more than five miles away.

Local Lib Dems were instrumental in starting a community group, Fresh Air Bromley, in 2020 which now has placed upwards of 19  air quality monitors in Bromley including three in Orpington: two on Station Road and one near the town centre. You can find out about the group and read live data here.

Analysis from those air quality monitors in Orpington shows that  pollution levels are more or less around the maximum recommended levels of PM 2.5 and 10 (measured against the World Health Organisation guidelines adopted in 2021), and there are regular spikes, a couple of times a month, when levels exceed the guidelines. As traffic starts to returns to normal (i.e. as Covid-19 restrictions are reduced) there is good reason for concern about pollution levels in, for example, Station Road.

A study by the Environmental Research Group at Imperial College London found that Bromley had the highest rates of mortality in Greater London due to pollution and was attributed to levels of PM 2.5 pollution and NO2 emissions.

If you don’t look, you don’t know what you will find. With increasing traffic, building works and a growing population in Orpington there is a strong argument for better monitoring of air quality to better understand the impact on us, especially those most vulnerable.

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