Hello and welcome to the page for your local Liberal Democrat council candidates for Farnborough and Crofton - Allan Tweddle, Ian Catchpole and Olly Loosemore.  

We're looking forward to the next few months of campaigning and want to hear from as many local residents as possible on how you think we can improve our area.  We'll be out knocking doors and would love to hear your feedback; you can fill out our online resident survey here.


Allan Tweddle grew up in the North East of England but moved to London after university. He has lived in Orpington with his wife since 2001. He is a qualified chartered accountant and is currently a stay-at-home-dad for his two children.

Though he has always been interested in politics he only joined the Lib Dems in 2015 when it became clear to him that we could no longer take our freedoms or our liberal society for granted.

Allan believes that we need to rebuild trust in our communities at the local, national, European and international level and that the real failure of modern politics is that too many citizens have been left isolated and disengaged. He said: “We can build an open, tolerant and prosperous society, but we must do it together. We can none of us do it alone. That’s what I, and the Liberal Democrats, bring to the table."




Ian Catchpole lives in Orpington and works in the City of London. 

Born in Scotland, Ian has travelled extensively and lived and worked in a number of different countries before settling in Orpington with his wife. He is a keen believer in working to improve his local community and believes that Farnborough & Crofton deserves hard working councillors.

 Ian is especially interested in protecting local health services, making our roads safer and ensuring that local businesses can continue to thrive in Orpington. 


Olly Loosemore is born and bred in Orpington and commutes into Central London.

Olly has been involved in lots of local organisations from Scouting for 20 years and 10 years in a local amature dramatics group.

Olly believes that our local area is neglected by Bromley Council and we must fight for continued development and preservation of all that makes Orpington great.  "I love living in Orpington but want our area to remain a safe and pleasant residence for all".

Olly has a particular interest in local transport and youth services and will fight to ensure we get the best service possible for local residents.

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