Northpoint - cladding gone but problems remain

Recent visitors to North Bromley will have seen that the Grenfell-type cladding on Northpoint Tower has finally been removed.   This must bring some peace of mind to the residents who have had to face 4+ years living in a firetrap and having to pay for a waking watch - even at one point living with the threat of the building being condemned - but they're still facing massive bills and an exhausting fight to get any of the promised Government funding.  Lib Dem campaigners Sam Webber, Julie Ireland and Rick Das were out talking to residents in Bromley North on Sunday and it was an issue that concerned both residents and neighbours.  

The tower featured on the Andrew Marr show on Sunday morning - Marr specifically questioned Robert Jenrick (Housing Minister) about Northpoint - even though they qualify for some of the funding to remove the cladding, the leaseholders have been facing huge ancillary costs for which they've received no reimbursement.  

The Government published the Fire Safety Bill on Monday (5th July) which offers some hope for victims of the cladding scandal, extending the period during which leaseholders can sue to 18 years.   But this assumes that the developer are still in business and that the buildings were constructed after 2006.   

Lib Dem London Assembly members have urged the Mayor to do more to support residents in the 590 high-rise blocks in London affected.  The Assembly adopted the Lib Dem motion that calls on the Mayor to refuse to work with any developers who have yet to take action to remediate fire safety in their existing stock. 

Locally we know that residents of Northpoint Tower have asked Bromley Council to consider reducing their Council Tax - with zero success so far.  Given that the flats currently have zero value this seems a small way of helping residents who are facing massive increases in insurance bills, and have yet to see any of the money set aside to help with the cost of the waking watch.  

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