NHS & Social care - NI is a tax on the middle class and poor

National Insurance (NI) is a bogus tax. It is an income tax with a different name and unfairer terms. Increasing it to fund the NHS & social care is not right.

The threshold at which NI must be paid is lower than income tax and there is a ceiling above which NI contributions are reduced.

If you make your money from capital gains or from property that income will not be touched. If like me you are over pensionable age, a generation largely of Tory voters, you will not pay anything more. If you have the sort of job that is enjoyable, not physically demanding and are able to continue beyond pension age, you will not pay the proposed increase. But if you are a low earner, not on income support, you start paying this tax on earnings over £184 a week.

Income tax is a slightly fairer tax, though if you are able to divert income to capital gains you would still be sitting pretty. You start paying this tax on earnings over £241 a week. We have a government of wealthy people who think a PM's salary and allowances are not enough to get by on and spend hundreds of thousands on decorating their flats.

What we as a party support must be fair. We want to place more of the burden on higher earners by increasing corporation tax and income tax. This brings in income from savings interest, many investments, rents, and pensions, in addition to earnings.

Of course, you would have though the £350m per week bonus and booming economy we were promised from leaving the EU would be able to cover the nations living expenses without tax increases.

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