Time for 20 mph speed limits in Bromley

New research shows a significant and substantial reduction in emissions in areas with 20 mph speed limits.   This comes as Lib Dem controlled Oxfordshire County Council announce their plans to make 20 mph the default speed limit in the county.  

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London needs a Disability Employment Taskforce

In some parts of London just one in four disabled people are in work and with the economic bite of the pandemic we must support disabled Londoners into work where we can.

The Mayor isn’t doing enough.

It has been three years since the Social Market Foundation and Trust for London recommended that the Mayor set up a Disability Employment Taskforce, and two years since the London Assembly Economy Committee recommended the same. Yet he has done nothing.

London needs a targeted and focused taskforce to support Londoners with disabilities into work more than ever since the COVID-19 pandemic, which has seen so many lose their jobs. 

The Lib Dems have been holding the Mayor to account on this issue at the Mayor’s Question Time and will continue to campaign for better support for disabled Londoners.

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Standing up for London’s EU citizens

Brexit may have happened, but the Liberal Democrat fight to keep London at the heart of Europe and to support and celebrate our EU citizens will never end.

Earlier this year, Lib Dem London Assembly Members Caroline Pidgeon and Hina Bokhari were delighted whe Labour and Green Assembly Members supported the Lib Dem amendment at City Hall calling for better support for EU citizens to remain in London with physical proof that they are entitled to do so. Sadly, but unsurprisingly, every single Conservative Assembly Member voted against.


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The future of Bromley's Open Spaces

Bromley Council's revised Open Space strategy fails to resolve many of the problems of the first draft. The strategy document remains full of vague hopes and aspirations that few people could disagree with - but there is no concrete plan setting out how to actually meet them. The document is too vague. It does underline the importance of our open spaces and the role they play in all our lives, the work of the many community groups that look after these spaces and a hub for sports, community events and biodiversity - which we wholeheartedly support. But if you are looking for substance and detail, a reassurance that no land will be sold off, disposed of, or converted to commercial spaces, that there is a clear route to deliver the aspirations listed - then it fundamentally fails.

The report is likely to be "rubber stamped" by the council's Environment Committee on 17th November - we urge the council not to do this, rather to return with more detailed, specific proposals and to truly engage with the community to ensure the consultation process is genuinely open, accessible and transparent. More work is needed.

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The building safety crisis and what the Mayor of London should be doing

Liberal Democrats at all levels have been raising the many issues associated with the building safety crisis and fighting for leaseholders. Our London Assembly Members Caroline Pidgeon and Hina Bokhari have been leading on this from London's City Hall. 

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