More Giant Tower Blocks for Bromley High Street

How depressing to see plans for another giant tower block in Bromley High Street. This one is at 2-4 Ringers Road (the site currently occupied by Smoque bar) and will sit almost next door to the "Churchill Quarter", the plan for two rows of giant tower blocks opposite the Churchill Theatre.

This planning application has been expected for some time but we suspect - like the planning application for the Churchill Quarter - it has been held back until after the local elections in May 2022.

We have heard widespread opposition to the Churchill Quarter as we've been speaking to people across Bromley Town over the last 12 months. The Churchill Quarter plan is the brainchild of the Conservative Council - they're buying the land themselves by compulsory purchase and have hired the developer to draw up plans - and it is entirely within the power of the Conservatives to stop this development now. You can read our article about the Churchill Quarter and why we're opposed to it here.

This is an image of the new proposal at Ringers Road, plus images of the proposed Churchill Quarter development.



This new application at Ringers Road is almost adjacent to the proposed 12 storey development on the site of Maplins - this proposal has been rejected by Bromley Council but is almost certainly going to go to appeal, and if Bromley Council give approval for the Churchill Quarter and the Ringers Road development it will almost certainly mean the Maplins proposal will also be approved because we will no longer be able to argue it's "out of keeping" with our local area. Our historic market town and conservation area will be irreparably damaged.

Bromley Lib Dems want to see a limit on the height of new developments in Bromley council's 'Local Plan'. We want a focus on affordable homes for local families and a reinvigorated High Street with improved services for new and existing residents. Sadly, the Conservatives have failed to even release their much delayed 'Local Plan' for Bromley and instead are driving forward with developments that don't deliver what local people need or want. 

The 2-4 Ringers Road development is now a registered planning application and we ask you to object. You can access the planning portal here

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