Mental Health Awareness Week

The past two years have been an experience unlike any other experienced for generations. We’ve all endured periods of anxiety, separation, worry for our loved ones and loneliness. Many of us will have been fortunate to have had the safety, support and security of family to rely on but not everyone will have been so lucky. Now, as we move into an ever more open society, we realise that we still haven’t quite yet achieved the normality we once knew. Crowds aren’t quite what they once were, people are still careful in public places. If anything, these experiences have given us an insight into what life was like before for many and how their life continues today.

Monday the 9th of May to Sunday the 15th is mental health awareness week. Mental health is as important to a person’s wellbeing as their physical health. One of the greatest causes of harm to good mental health is loneliness. 1 in 4 of us experience loneliness on a regular basis. As a community we should never feel afraid to ask if someone is okay or to ask if they need help. We should never wonder if they should check on their neighbour or wonder about the person they always see sitting alone. All it may take is a smile to make someone feel seen. It’s okay to care.

We at the Bromley Liberal Democrats believe in doing what we can to help all those in our community who feel excluded. To remind those who do feel alone that you are not, and together that we can tackle loneliness.

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