Luisa Porritt launches campaign to become next Mayor of London

London Liberal Democrats mayoral candidate Luisa Porritt has launched her campaign, setting out her vision to Take London Forward.   "Jobs. Homes. Clean Air.   Those are three basic needs - and we’re being let down on all three. My plan to Take London Forward will give Londoners what they need.  Our city has changed radically in the last year, and with big change comes big opportunity. "



Luisa announced she would create a London Housing Company, with office space abandoned as . She explained: “No more desperate deals with developers or selling off public land for somebody else’s benefit.

“The London Housing Company will take control of building the homes we need directly by bringing empty properties back into use, maximising use of public land, driving forward the Affordable Homes Programme, raising revenue to build sites of its own and shaping the future of London’s housing market - hands on."

You can read her policy highlights here:

"But I’ve also worked alongside Shaun Bailey. And he certainly is not the right person to represent Londoners. Out of touch with cheap tricks and crass comments, he and the Tories do not understand the diverse, open and European London that we all love.

"I know Luisa well as a campaigner, a councillor, a former Member of the European Parliament for London. But I also know her as a Londoner, a friend and someone who represents the future of our city if we choose a future which is innovative and internationalist. A future which is green and affordable. And a future with the next generation of leadership to Take London Forward."

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See the Liberal Democrat plan to Take London Forward in 60 seconds

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