Luisa Porritt: London Mayor 2021

"Hello! I’m Luisa Porritt - standing to be your Liberal Democrat Mayor of London.

I love this city, it’s where I grew up and it’s given me so much. 

But huge challenges, such as the affordability crisis and the impact of Covid-19, mean this is a crucial moment for London.

The pandemic will change our city forever. We need big ideas and urgent action to rise to the challenge - and I am determined to show what a liberal London can be like.

Being a millennial, I entered the job market just after the last recession. It was tough. I saw so many friends struggle and now, with another recession on its way, it’s easy to see why so many young people are making their voices heard.

I never planned to get into politics. But in 2016, when we voted to leave the European Union, something changed. I felt I had to stand up for the rights of young people like me, who were at risk of losing access to the same opportunities I had.

First, I stood up for my local community - in London where I grew up. In 2018 I ran for the council in Belsize, where I was born and raised. As a newcomer, people thought I couldn’t beat the Tories and Labour. But thanks to determination and teamwork, we won.

Since then, I’ve fought for secure homes for residents, demanded more trees to improve our air quality, and taken on the Home Office to secure peoples’ rights to live and work in this country. 

Next, I stood up for London’s European identity. Unlike Theresa May, I’m proud to be a Citizen of the World - that’s who Londoners are! So, in 2019, I ran in the European Elections to fight for our rights and values.

Once again, no one thought we would achieve the results we did, yet once again, we defied the odds. I was so proud to serve London as an MEP right until the end, including fighting for Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe’s freedom.

Now, I want to stand up for London at a critical moment for our city. With the pandemic, Brexit, and the climate emergency posing a triple threat to our capital’s future, London is at a crossroads. We need big ideas and urgent action to rise to the challenge.

I want to showcase a liberal vision for London where the 600 neighbourhoods that make up our capital all become thriving, green, and affordable places to live and work.

If you share this vision for our city’s future, join me and let’s build it together."


Find out more about Luisa's campaign here.

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