Local Economy


Our local economy is more important than ever. Thousands of jobs in Bromley depend on local businesses which have been threatened by government fees and the pandemic. And with changes in how we work, travel and shop our High Streets are particularly under threat. 

Tory councillors are out-of-touch with the needs of local people, but Liberal Democrats want to keep our local economy thriving and free to adapt in novel ways. 

  • The Liberal Democrats are a party of local action, as seen in the redevelopment of Sutton. See our report on our current vision for Bromley town centre.
  • Bromley Lib Dems support shopping locally, and want the high street to be a place that can cater for everyone. 
  • Utilising public spaces in inventive ways such as co-working hubs and public performance spaces for the recovering arts sector. 
  • We are asking for the views of local businesses on what they need for a post-Covid recovery

A Liberal Democrat councillor representing your area will listen and take real action to ensure Bromley works for you. 

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