Lib Dems Win London - and Bromley is still a Remain Borough

The Liberal Democrats came first in London in the European Elections, returning 3 MEPs and pushing Labour into 2nd place and the Conservatives into 5th place. And the total Remain vote (Lib Dem, Green, Change) was more than twice the Brexit Vote (Brexit Party, UKIP).   London is most definitely an unapologetic Remain City.   

In the Bromley Borough, the Lib Dems came first or second in every ward - winning outright in Copers Cope, Bromley Town, Bickley, Crystal Palace, Penge and Cator and Clock House.   While the Brexit Party won the most votes in the Borough, the Remain Vote was a clear winner with 44% of the vote compared to 34% for the Leave parties showing that support for Remain has grown considerably since the 2016 Referendum.



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