Lib Dems Surge as Party Votes to Revoke Article 50

The Liberal Democrats voted to revoke Article 50 and cancel Brexit without another public vote at their party conference this week - and immediately saw a jump in the polls.   On 19 September two polls put the Lib Dems close to or ahead of Labour - YouGov poll put the LibDems on 23% with Labour on 21%, , and an Ipsos MORI poll put the Lib Dems on 23% and Labour on 24%.  The Ipsos MORI poll also showed the Lib Dems FIRST in London with 37%, Labour 2nd with 35% and the Conservatives 3rd with 24%

The Lib Dems have been committed to stopping Brexit since the 2016 referendum.   At our party conference we went one step further - if we are elected to be the party of Government in the forthcoming General Election, we will revoke Article 50 and stop Brexit on our first day in office.   

It's a controversial move, there's been plenty of criticism in the press but the Lib Dems have been clear that this does not mean we've abandoned our support for a People's Vote - we were after all the first party to call for a confirmatory vote on any Brexit deal.   

The party's preference is for the Brexit issue to be resolved by another public vote before a general election, but if the Conservative government decide to call a general election then revoking Article 50 will be in our manifesto - and winning a majority of seats in our parliamentary democracy will be our mandate.  Revoking Article 50 is the only way to make the arguments and  about Brexit stop.   After more than 3 years of waiting for the pro-Brexit Conservatives to come up with a deal that they can agree with amongst themselves enough is enough - it's time to make it stop.  



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