Lib Dems Launch Survey on Bus Use in Bromley

Transport is the UK's biggest source of carbon emissions.   The Lib Dems want to give people in Bromley better transport options with more, cleaner buses, electric car charging and better trains and trams and we're working on a new transport strategy for the borough. 

As a first step in our campaign for a new approach to public transport in Bromley we're asking people to fill in a survey so we can find out where and why people use buses, what would make them more popular, and where are the gaps in our network.  The link to the survey is here.   

Buses are an important part of making public transport accessible attractive and affordable.   They also offer links between neighbourhoods and local communities, often not well served by train services that focus on links to Central London.  What can we do to make them more popular and entice people away from their cars?  

There is a need for a revised and forward thinking transport strategy for Bromley - a recent question to Bromley Council showed us that nothing substantial has been achieved from the 2017-2022 Transport Plan for the borough, and there is currently no work underway for a new strategy.   Our transport needs are changing rapidly at the moment, we heard only a few months ago that the Bakerloo Line Extension is unlikely to happen for many years (if at all) and that TfL were required to carry out a review of bus services as part of the Government bailout deal - although that has now been deferred.   With transport levels only just starting to return to pre-pandemic levels any review now would be likely to lead to serious service reductions.  

But there are some exciting new developments - the 358 bus from Crystal Palace to Orpington will shortly become one of London's first terminus-charged electric bus routes, representing an important step in testing new technologies that can help us reduce carbon emissions from our bus fleet.  

Trams and Light Rail: As part of our campaign for a public transport strategy for Bromley we will also be talking about the possibilities for light rail and tram systems in the borough, as well as improvements to the current rail service so watch out for more news on that soon.

Active Travel: We're also continuing to work on our campaign to make it safer for people to walk and cycle, you can find information on our active travel campaign here.

So please do take part in our survey about bus usage in Bromley.  And if you'd like to be kept up to date on our work on a public transport strategy for Bromley please sign up on the link below or contact us at [email protected]  

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