Lib Dems demand tax cuts for small businesses on Small Business Saturday

Today on Small Business Saturday the Lib Dems demand tax cuts for small businesses.  The Lib Dems are calling on the government to quadruple the Employment Allowance for two years, which would allow businesses to decrease their National Insurance (NI) bill and allow small businesses to employ up to 5 people without having to pay the employers NI contribution. This would bring a huge boost in confidence to the small business sector and allow them to invest to reach their full potential.

The Conservatives must be living on another planet if they think the answer to business owners’ problems is to put up their taxes (with employers NI due to increase). This country was promised tax cuts by the Conservatives, but yet again their promises have been proven not to be worth the paper they are written on. 
People and businesses need help now. Lib Dems want to give our dedicated local business owners and entrepreneurs across Bromley and the nation a helping hand to bounce back better.
Why not shop local today and support our wonderful small businesses.

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