We're Backing London Cycling Campaign's Local Election Ask

We're backing London Cycling Campaign's ask "to develop and implement an active travel strategy designed, inter alia, to increase the share of cycling from approx. 1.8% of trips to 5% by 2026/27, with continued increases thereafter." Read on to discover why we think this is important.

Active travel is vital to the health of our borough and central to our key campaigns.

  • We knock on doors and carry out surveys all year round. Road safety is the most frequently raised issue and more than 50% of people say they would be more likely to cycle or walk if roads were safer. We need action to tackle dangerous junctions and poor crossings.


  • Poor air quality is the biggest environmental risk to human health and World Health Organisation guidelines are frequently exceeded in Bromley. Encouraging people to leave their cars at home will improve air quality and give us healthier, friendlier neighbourhoods. Additionally, domestic transport accounts for more than a quarter of all UK greenhouse gas emissions - we need to reduce internal combustion engine use to tackle the climate emergency.


  • We've long supported School Streets, where school gate roads are closed to motor traffic at drop-off and pick-up time. These initiatives  encourage active travel to and from school. We get cleaner air around schools and children have a healthier start and end to the school day. An ambitious School Streets rollout would go a long way towards LCC's target.


Thank you LCC for campaigning on this issue. We look forward to working with you in the future.

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