Lacklustre Bromley is still looking into Electric Vehicle Charging

According to figures produced by Bromley Council, there were 1878 Ultra Low Emissions Vehicles (ULEVs) registered in Bromley at the end of 2020. This had increased by 69% to 2720 by the end of third quarter of 2021. Demand for electric powered vehicles is expected to increase rapidly over the next few years.

Bromley Council’s approach is that “the use of EVs is only one part of a sustainable transport mix” and favour a “measured and strategic approach”. They have recently commissioned a pilot project to “evaluate a variety of emerging charging solutions, and evaluate community responses to the installations”. 

The problem is that Bromley has already fallen behind other London boroughs in their provision of ULEV charging networks (most outer London boroughs have double the number of charging points per capita than Bromley). Clearly the move to electrify the car network is already taking place: concern about the charging infrastructure is the one factor holding it back and Bromley Council ought to show more drive to tackle this problem.


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