Kelsey and Eden Park By-Election - Candidate Julie Ireland

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Beckenham residents in Kelsey and Eden Park ward will be called back to the polls on 29 November 2018. 

A newly elected Conservative Councillor has resigned after just a few months triggering a by-election.  Local people will have the chance sooner than expected to vote for change in the Conservative controlled Bromley Council.

Julie IrelandWe are pleased to announce that the Liberal Democrat candidate for the by-election will be Julie Ireland. Julie has lived in the area for 25 years, both her children went to the Langley schools, and she stood for Parliament for the Beckenham constituency in the 2017 General Election.  

A fierce and hard working campaigner, Julie may not be a serving Councillor but she attends every meeting of the full Council (more than some of our paid Councillors) and asks questions of the Conservative administration on issues that concern local residents. She is regularly seen campaigning with the Beckenham Lib Dem team. Julie is passionate about social care, mental health services and lifelong learning. She is pro-Europe and supports a People’s Vote.

Julie believes in putting communities at the heart of local government and that a Councillor’s job is to do just that!

Some of the issues the Lib Dems will be campaigning about include:

Road safety: Listening to the community

After 10 years of ignoring residents, parents and head-teachers, local Councillors and Bromley Council were forced into action – finally a pedestrian refuge was installed on Village Way near the cut through to the Harris Schools on Manor Way.Village Way

Village Way is a great example of community power in action. Local families got together to demand a safe crossing on the school route and the Beckenham Lib Dems got behind them – with a 2800+ strong petition, support from Lib Dem London Assembly Member and Transport Committee Chair Caroline Pidgeon, and much media coverage including the BBC.  

Despite the success on Village Way, there is still much to be done across Beckenham to make roads, junctions and crossings safer for pedestrians, cyclists and drivers. With the arrival of Eden Park High School and Langley Primary School, plus the extra classes added to the Unicorn school, it’s more important than ever that Council listen to the concerns of local families.

Beckenham residents wait 54 minutes after dialling ‘999'

We are all worried about the rising crime in London – the recent tragic murder in Anerley is a reminder that we are not immune to knife crime in Bromley.  The police are horribly over stretched and overworked and the proposal to cut costs by merging the police forces of Bromley, Croydon and Sutton will only make things much worse.  We already have to wait an average of 54 minutes for a response to a ‘999’ category "S" call in Beckenham – it could double after the merger.  Julie and the Beckenham Lib Dems have been campaigning against this merger since it was first proposed by the London Mayor. 

Police MergerThe merger of 3 such large and diverse forces is a cost cutting initiative by the Labour Mayor of London, and we are appealing for him to think again – the other force mergers throughout London have resulted in increased response times, doubling in some cases.

Bromley Council and Councillors of all parties should be speaking out loudly and demanding a rethink.  The merger is scheduled to happen in February so time is running out. 

"The conservative police cuts are having a direct impact on everyone in the Bromley Borough." said Julie Ireland.  "The cuts are unacceptable and short-sighted.   We should be investing more in community policing so Beckenham residents can still feel safe."

Brexit - what are the candidate's views?

Julie was an active campaigner for a Remain vote in the June 2016 referendum.  The result was a huge disappointment to so many of us, but we accepted it and focussed on working for the best relationship we could get with the EU which would make sure that there was no harm to our country's trade, investment, security and jobs, to our international relationships and to the future of EU Nationals already living in the UK and UK citizens living abroad.  Julie Ireland on Peoples Vote March

But over the 18 months since Article 50 was triggered it has become clear that we are heading - at best - towards a botched Brexit - or at worst to a No Deal exit.   The effects of Brexit are already being felt here in Beckenham - many of us commute to the City every day and companies are moving their HQ and reducing their staff numbers.   Property values are falling, our NHS is suffering critical shortages of staff as EU nationals leave the country that many had hoped to make their home.   And we are an international laughing stock as the Conservative party tear themselves apart trying desperately to cobble together a deal that will keep their own party happy rather than putting the interests of the country first.   That is why the Liberal Democrats are backing a referendum on the final deal.   Julie was proud to march with the 700,000 through London in October demanding a People's Vote on the final deal.  The Liberal Democrats believe the British people should have the final say.  

Julie Ireland is the best candidate for Kelsey and Eden Park, but don't just take our word for it!

“If you want a genuinely community-minded Councillor, willing to put local people first, then please vote for Julie Ireland.”

I’ve known Julie since she stood as the Beckenham parliamentary candidate.  I support the Lib Dems because they are a strong local party of campaigners who are really effective at bringing about positive change in our community.  Julie is particularly dedicated and works tirelessly for local people all the time.  She attends every full Council meeting, always asking probing questions to hold the Council to account, which is frankly more than many of our elected Councillors do.  She has been a leader on many local campaigns, from road safety to opposition to police cuts.

If you want a genuinely community-minded Councillor, willing to put local people first, then please vote for Julie Ireland.

Alison, Beckenham Resident

“I will be voting for Julie…. any other vote will be a waste of time”

I have lived in Kelsey and Eden Park for 23 years (35 in the borough).  I am fed up with our Conservative Councillors, who don’t do anything.  I am an active member of our local Beckenham Residents’ Association, and for at least 3 years not one of the Councillors from Kelsey and Eden Park has bothered to turn up to the annual public meeting! 

I will be voting for Julie and the Beckenham Liberal Democrats as they are hardworking and care about our community, they are always in the Council chamber, at residents’ meetings and available to help local people. Any other vote will be a waste of time.


Stafford, Beckenham Resident

“Vote for Julie, as she will work hard to represent you and get things done.”

I used to support Labour but have moved to the Lib Dems because they are the only party that opposes Brexit. I am so impressed at how active the Beckenham Lib Dems are in our community; it’s not just about politics - they are genuine community champions.  As a local parent of school-age children, I thought the campaign on Village Way for a safe school crossing was amazing. 

Julie and the Beckenham Lib Dems did so much to support families in getting the Council to put in a refuge: the petition, working with the media, representing families at Council meetings, keeping us all informed.  It is shocking that the Council just ignored people on this for so many years.

Vote for Julie, as she will work hard to represent you and get things done.

Zelda, Beckenham Resident


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