John Lewis - Building Flats in Bromley

Lib Dem Councillors for Bromley Town have had a meeting with representatives of John Lewis to find out more information about their plans to build rental flats at the Bromley South Waitrose site. John Lewis has delivered leaflets to residents likely to be affected to invite their participation in the consultation process and there will be adverts running in the local press.

We welcome the consultation process and encourage all local residents to take part and share their hopes and fears for the site with the developers. We have our concerns, particularly about the height of the development and the number of new residents being brought into the town centre that is already stretched for services, but there are many elements of the proposed development that we welcome. And we emphasise that there is no design yet - they want to hear our views. 


John Lewis is asking for your views. You can comment using their website and / or you can come along to two public consultation events at St Mark's Church in Westmoreland Road. These events will take place on Friday 24th June, 4pm-8pm and on Saturday 25th June, 10am-2pm. The team will continue to engage with residents with an ambition to submit a planning application later this year and to start building work in 2024 with completion in 2027. We'll be able to submit formal responses to the planning application when it goes before Bromley Council, but it's definitely a good idea for all of us to take part in the consultation at this early stage. 

There are many elements about the proposed development that we're happy with. We're pleased that it underlines the company's commitment to stay in Bromley, we're pleased that it will bring employment to the area and reinvigorate an area of the High Street that is not in the best of health. We also welcome John Lewis' plans to be long term landlords of sustainable rental properties that will be suitable for a range of families and that they will be looking for long-term tenants. We expect that a significant percentage - perhaps 35% but that's just our guess - to be let at subsidised rents to residents who meet criteria to be agreed with Bromley Council but may include e.g. key workers. 

But our main concerns are about the height of the development and the impact on already overstretched local services. There is no design and we don't know numbers yet, so it's important to go forward with the consultation making clear our concerns, but the proximity to Perigon Heights may well have led the developers to think that a similar height building may be acceptable in this area. We will certainly be making the case for a development more in keeping with the rest of the town and one that doesn't detract from the essential identity and heritage of Bromley. 

The company have been at pains to underline their commitment to improving the area in general, to the sustainability of the development and their commitment to protecting nature and to net zero principles. They'll be investigating some opportunities to add green public space to the area, and enhancing access to other parts of the High Street - they describe it as a "visual gateway to Bromley".

We'll be talking to local community groups and campaigners over the next two months to discuss the plans and our approach to this new development. We'll keep you informed. If you'd like to talk to us please get in touch. If you'd like to sign up for our regular newsletter please follow this link. 


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