Increase in weapon related crimes on our public transport

It's vital that  the general public and our hard working transport employees feel safe in our stations, on our trains and on our buses. Sadly, figures uncovered by the Liberal Democrats show an alarming rise in the number of weapon related crimes on our public transport network over the past three years including at Bromley South and Orpington. 

The Lib Dem candidate for the London Assembly constituency of Bexley and Bromley, Allan Tweddle, says that the next Mayor of London needs to address this issue urgently.

"And this must be addressed at a broader level too- the knee-jerk, fear-stoked, hard-hitting retribution approach to crime proposed by the Tories is not the answer. The reason most of us don't commit crime is not for fear the punishment, but simply that we don't want to. If the only thing holding my fellow Londoners back from mugging me in the street is the prospect of a spell in a crowded, drug-filled prison, that doesn't make me feel safe. It makes me feel scared."

The only solution to the current crime epidemic is to address its root causes. We need a kinder, more inclusive London where everyone feels like they are a valued member of their community. We need better youth services to instil the right values in our young people and help them find the right path in life. We need a more inclusive education system that provides all of us with the skills and resilience necessary to prosper without having to turn to crime.

We also need a fully funded local police force, and the return of our local police stations, so that our well-trained and well-resourced police officers can be part of our communities. We don't need Sadiq's shock troops hunkered down in their massive multi-borough commands and unable to attend call-outs without first driving miles through London's busy, crowded streets. 

Allan shares his vision with Liberal Democrat Mayoral candidate Siobhan Benita. Vote for Siobhan as your Mayor and Allan Tweddle as your local London Assembly member on 7 May and we will make London a safer, greener and kinder city in which to live.


Allan Tweddle

Prospective Liberal Democrat Candidate for the London Assembly Constituency of Bexley and Bromley

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