Hate Crime on the London's Transport Network

Lib Dem London Assembly Member Caroline Pidgeon recently raised the issue of rising hate crime on the public transport network with the Mayor during Mayor’s Question Time. Too many Londoners and visitors to our city are being subjected to vile, hateful abuse and much of this does happen on the transport network. London is known as a welcoming, diverse and global city, but if we want it to remain so we need to urgently tackle this issue.

The Lib Dems have made three clear asks of the Mayor which are:

  • ensure that both British Transport Police and the Met have the practical resources they need to deal effectively and swiftly with reports of hate crime;
  • ensure that TfL lives up to its campaign of ‘Standing up Against Hate’, not just through the posters we see on the transport network, but through better and more consistent engagement with victims, so more people feel empowered to take a stand and report such crimes; and
  • work with the police, TfL and others to really target hate crime hotspots on the transport network, which include many of the larger interchange stations.


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